Who are we ?

A startup at the crossroads of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Blockchain.
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SATAS international is a French company founded in 2020 by Frederic Orlach and Patrick Pilard - (Inventor of the solution)

Patrick Pilard, who is passionate about navigation and safety at sea, began working on the subject of sailor safety in 1997. He created his first prototype of a "Man OverBoard" system (ADSM01) enabling rapid action to be taken if a person falls overboard

Subsequently, while keeping the safety of the seafarer at the heart of the project, it gradually evolved into a solution allowing automatic detection of the fall of the container as well as its "door to door" monitoring of the transport conditions of the containers.

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Our Story

from man overboard ... to container lost at sea

The founding idea of SATAS International is the importance of the safety of seafarers and the environment. Our intelligent technology is designed to track, detect and report the fall of containers at sea.

The maritime context in numbers

  • 220 million containers circulate in the world
  • 850 million transits each year
  • 1,400 containers "officially" fall into the sea each year (10 to 15,000 according to several NGOs).
  • Annual cost for insurance:
  • $ 500 million / year
  • 24,000 sailors disappear at sea per year

It all started with the Man Overboard…

SATAS International's history goes back to its creation more than twenty years ago in the field of ocean racing. Aware of the loss of sailors at sea, Patrick Pilard - Technical Director and inventor of the SATAS system - carried out research and developed ADSM 01, a solution tested on two boats in the 2001 Vendée Globe. This system enabled the development of a more advanced solution, in particular a "Man Over Board" (MOB) solution integrating automatic rescue systems at sea. This solution has been tested on two ORMA class trimarans for several years. SATAS International is continuing its research in this field to further improve the safety of sailors at sea.

…To Containers lost at sea

Today, our technology, inspired by the MOB experience, has been developed to address the problem of signalling containers that fall overboard and become unidentified floating objects (UFOs). Why? Because the consequences of containers falling overboard, despite their officially small number compared to the number of containers in transit each year, are considerably heavy:

  • Water pollution and degradation of marine life: high presence of plastic in lost objects, oil spills, hazardous chemicals.
  • Financial loss for its recipient / sender
  • Significant risk of collision between OFNI containers at sea and other ships. A collision could endanger a ship as well as the lives of seafarers.
  • Significant financial costs borne by the public domain and insurance companies to search for containers and recover them when possible - Significant risk of collision between OFNI containers at sea and other ships. A collision could endanger a ship as well as the lives of seafarers.

Our container trackers help ensure that :

  • floating containers are now clearly identified,
  • ship captains are instantly informed,
  • precise monitoring is organized
  • liaison with security authorities is permanent

In addition, the technology proposed by SATAS International integrates a permanent follow-up secured by the Blockchain in order to guarantee the traceability of the information and its validity... Finally, Satas International's beacons also ensure precise and continuous monitoring - even in the middle of the ocean - of transport conditions (temperature, humidity, position, shocks, inclination).