Container at Sea

The International Maritime Organisation's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 102 and 103) calls for measures focusing on the detection, reporting and tracking of lost containers

  • Between 1400 and 1700 containers have fallen overboard every year since 2010
  • The costs for insurance are estimated at $500 million per year
  • The environmental impacts are real, huge and can no longer be ignored.

The IMO requests

Implementation of a lost container reporting system and a means of easily identifying the exact number of lost containers on board

SATAS International's response

  • The fall is detected automatically
  • the system traces the identity of lost containers
Provide a means of detecting each container lost at sea in order to recover it as quickly as possible and limit the risks of pollution

SATAS International's response

  • Transmission by satellite network to recipient actors and to the MRCC on the first satellite pass
Make it mandatory to report losses of one or more containers using a standardised procedure that provides specific information

SATAS International's response

  • The Satas beacon makes it possible to notify in less than 10 seconds each drop of a marked container
  • On-board containers continuously communicate specific information about each container (including declared contents)

In conclusion

Our container tags ... to ensure that these floating containers are now clearly identified

that ship captains be notified, that precise monitoring be organised

that liaison with the security services is permanent.

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