SATAS for "Safety And Tracking At Sea"

Helping to improve the safety of seafarers and proposing solutions to reduce the impact of containers falling overboard are our credos.

Our concept:
containers and pallets

We have designed a connected beacon dedicated to maritime containers. Its functions are :

  • Detect the accidental fall of a container and inform the master and the relevant alert services
  • Recover information relating to the transport conditions (temperature, humidity, shock, inclination...) of containers throughout their journey from door to door
  • Tracking physical and documentary transport (supply chain) stages in real time.

The advantages :

  • Permanent coverage anywhere in the world - even in the middle of the sea - thanks to satellite technology (which GSM technology does not offer, only operational on the land part of the transport).
  • Reliability of decentralised information through its registration in a blockchain.
  • Saving time on administrative and reporting procedures thanks to blockchain and smart contract technology.
  • Monitoring of your tags and containers through applications and platforms

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