The acronyme SATAS comes from Safety and Tracking at Sea.

As our name suggests, our first and most important goal is to be able to help insuring the safety of the various actors in the maritime sector.

Cargo Ship at Sea

Connected Beacon : containers and pallets

We have designed a connected beacon dedicated to containers and pallets for cargo. Its main function is to ensure the tracking of the containers and pallets throughout their journey. Tracking includes information regarding primary data (like date, time and GPS position) as well as information on transport conditions (temperature, humidity, shock, fall, etc.) from any position on the globe.

This information is transmitted to the customer in constant time several times a day.

Our solution is integrated into the Spatial IoT environment and secured by the BlockChain.

A Crane Lifting a Container

"Man OverBoard" Beacon

Our Man Overboard beacon called "MOB" alert the ship of a person falling overboard, in order to track its position and increase its chances of being rescued as quickly as possible.

Image by Jametlene Reskp

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